THE PRODIGAL PRIEST - A Philosophical Journey into the Roots of Humankind
A cross-genre contemporary novel, MUKUROB takes you on a thought-provoking adventure deep into the roots of humankind.
Devastated by the brutal murder of his childhood friend at the hands of extremists, a young priest from a small Irish town is more certain about the collapse of his own species than his faith. To Father David Callaghan, the time bomb to doomsday is ticking fast as he accidentally stumbles across an article on the discovery of the most ancient humans on Earth―the San people of the Kalahari desert. Astounded by the scientific finding, he joins an anthropological and thrilling mission to Africa where he hopes to find out what went wrong in the human journey. Once in Namibia, he meets the acid-humored Andreas and the young free-spirited Marie.  Amidst a mysterious murder and the chase by rhino poachers, David and the pair of Scandinavian anthropologists embark on a philosophical battle over human nature. 
Will Father Callaghan unearth the answer to what went wrong with the human saga? Will his faith be restored? Will an unlikely romance restrain him from returning to the priesthood?


A 5-star Review for Readers' Favorite

"I feel anyone who reads this book will be changed for the better after reading it.

The sermon by David in the Epilogue was just the icing on a unique, memorable novel." 

By Lesley Jones

A 5-star Review for Readers' Favorite

"The mission undertaken to discover more about the roots of humankind is thrilling and fascinating. The author handles the plot with aplomb and keeps the pace and fluidity going without losing tempo. The weaving in of subplots has been done effortlessly so that they fit into the main plot seamlessly.

By Mamta Madhavan

A 4-star Review for Readers' Favorite

"David is a character that many of us can identify with, especially those of us who feel dissatisfied with the stories we have been told from our youth and our inability to find an alternative that has both meaning and logic. Mukurob certainly achieves what its author probably set out to do - to make his readers think and to question what they may well have always seen as immutable truths. That he was able to do this and still entertain with an interesting adventure into the Kalahari Desert is a credit to his writing abilities." 

By Grant Leishman

A 5-star Review for Readers' Favorite

"The author succeeds in creating a strong sense of curiosity in the reader as they follow the characters from one engaging page to the next. The spiritual and human aspects of the story are skillfully handled, and while the characters are dazzling and believable, it is the author's gift for storytelling that had me turning from page to page. Andre Costa has an inimitable style with words and the ability to keep you focused on the strong narrative voice. I enjoyed this book... a lot!" 

By Divine Zape

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