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André Costa

Writer and Filmmaker

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Born in Brazil, André Costa is a career diplomat, writer, and filmmaker. His experience on four continents has broadened his perception of human nature and inspired his works.
A cross-genre enthusiast, André has no idea where his next project will anchor his imagination.


The Search for Mukurob

September 16, 2021 (release date)

THE SEARCH FOR MUKUROB is an uplifting novel that takes the reader on a thought-provoking journey deep into the roots of humankind.

Upon the brutal murder of his childhood friend in the hands of extremists, David Callaghan, a young Catholic priest in a small Irish town, begins to question his faith in humanity. When he stumbles across an article on the identification of the most ancient humans on Earth - the San people of the Kalahari - David makes it his mission to find out what went wrong in the human odyssey. He then takes a sabbatical from the priesthood to join an anthropological mission among the San in Africa. The inevitable clash of beliefs ultimately compels the priest and the anthropologists to embark on a philosophical battle, forcing David to profoundly question what it means to stay true to himself. While stuck in the desert with an eclectic bunch of scientists, murder and romance also intertwine in this unlikely scrutiny of the human saga.

Will Father Callaghan unearth the answer to what went wrong with humankind? Will his faith in humanity be restored? Will an unlikely romance restrain him from returning to the priesthood?



Shakespeare's Vengeance

To be released in December, 2021

Set in late 1920s New York, Shakespeare's Vengeance is an intriguing noir novel about ideas taken to extremes.

The story unfolds within a fraternity of actors who regularly gather in honor of the god Dionysus. On these occasions, they perform a famous tragedy on stage before an empty audience. Without prior knowledge of their roles, actors can resort to improvisation but may never alter the play's original plot or ending.

As the fraternity is ready to perform Romeo and Juliet and celebrate another homage to Dionysus, a new member, Thomas, holds a secret as fascinating as the surprising dynamics of the mysterious society.


Available on Amazon Prime

Where Beauty Reigns

Written and Directed by André Costa

December, 2019 (release date). Namibia.

A womanizing and absent father sees his financial and professional universe collapse, while his wife struggles to have her artistic talent recognized. Their teenage son, Louis Keller, then reacts to the family unrest by deciding to "come out of the closet" and replace the paternal figure. The unexpected arrival of the enigmatic uncle Bill rekindles the hope of mending the conflicting expectations of the family triangle. The experienced and sensitive relative, however, has its own understanding of each character’s needs and orchestrates an unexpected outcome. Set in today's Namibia, the story unfolds historical and cultural constraints, as well as highlights the importance of reconciliation.

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Cold Night 

Written and Directed by André Costa

Starred by Rebecca Ferguson and Thomas Bang

July 2008 (production date); January 2021 (release date). Denmark.

During a cold winter night in Copenhagen, a private detective uses the arguments of Shakespeare's Hamlet to confront the Jante Law Culture (the Scandinavian code of conduct which praises equality and sameness) and thus alleviate his midlife crisis. In the meantime, five other characters (his ex-fiancée, his business partner, his Jewish mother, a wannabe witch, and a prostitute) challenge his innate social unfitness. As the night goes on, mystery, romance and betrayal all intertwine as the five characters inhabit both the protagonist's mental and physical world, making it increasingly difficult to separate the being from the seeming.



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